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Truss Gantry Crane

Product Name: Truss Gantry Crane
Lifting Weight: 3-16t
Span: 12-30m
Working Temperature: -20?~40?

The truss gantry crane is designed and manufactured according to the standard JB / T5663-2008 of the Ministry of Machinery Industry of China. CD1, MD1 electric hoists and trolley can be fitted on this crane. The cantilever parts can be designed according to the factory operating space.

The truss gantry crane has latticed structure with a small windward area, light weight, good lifting ability and so on. This truss gantry crane is an ideal lifting equipment employed in the warehouse, freight yard, terminals and other places.

There are two ways of the crane traveling: separated drive and drive brake. This product can be controlled on ground and operating room. The operating room can be open or closed, which can be installed on the left side or right side and there are 3 ways to enter the room, side, end face and top to meet the needs of users in a variety circumstances.