Execellence in Standard and Quality


600t Gantry Crane

Product: Gantry Crane

Model: MG600/80t-24m

Work Duty: A5

Project: Assembly work for large vessels/containers at China National Erzhong Group Co. Ltd.



1. The gantry crane adopts frequency conversion and PLC control technology, which has stable lifting operation, small impact and low noise;

2. The lift weight of the single hook of the trolley reaches 600t, which effectively promote the lifting height, optimizes the structure of the trolley, and the force is more clear;

3. The structure of the gantry is optimized and reasonable, reducing the partial pressing force generated by the trolley wheel pressure and controlling the welding deformation;

4. The running mechanism of the trolley ensures that the traveling wheel is balanced, the trolley frame and the boogie are processed as a whole, and the assembly precision is high;

5. The supporting parts are durable, equipped with hardened surface reducer, welding reel, rolling pulley and forged wheel;

6. It adopts electrical modular system, which is quick to install and easy to maintain;

7. The whole machine is equipped with safety monitoring system and electric intelligent anti-sway system. The key positions such as electrical control, limit position and overload, are all adopt redundant control technology, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of the whole machine.