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32t Gantry Crane

Product Name: 32t Gantry Crane
Model: ME32+3t-30m A5

The ME32+3t-30m A5 gantry crane is a large lifting gantry crane designed and manufactured for the People's Liberation Army. It is mainly used for underground construction and lifting work of equipment and personnel.


1. The trolley hoisting mechanism adopts double mechanism arrangement to increase the capacity of the rope and safety;

2. The hoisting mechanism adopts redundant design with height display and it has protection functions in case of broken shaft, broken rope, over speed, overload;

3. The gantry structure adopts lightweight design and finite element analysis to make the structure more optimized and reasonable, and its own weight is light, which reduces the wheel pressure;

4. Variable span, suitable for different site conditions;

5. Overall processing of crane and trolley with high assembly precision;

6. The components are durable and maintenance-free, equipped with hardened surface reducer, welding reel, rolling pulley and forged wheel;

7. Quick on-site installation and disassembly;

8. The whole machine adopts frequency conversion and PLC control technology, which has stable lifting operation, small impact and low noise;

9. The overall design of the crane is a perfect combination of CTS system and mechanical design, with stable operation;

10. The whole machine is equipped with electrical intelligent anti-sway function, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the whole machine and prolongs the service life;

11. With intelligent monitoring system, monitor and record the operating parameters of the crane;

12. Equipped with manual and button control, use the upper and lower software limit to decelerate and stop, and use the touch screen to adjust the lift height.