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Dam Floodgate Gantry Hoist

Product Name: Dam Floodgate Gantry Hoist
Lifting capacity: 2×630KNv Lifting height: 28(above rail)/21m(below rail)

The dam top floodgate gantry crane is mainly used for hydraulic equipment transport, installation and maintenance of hydroelectric generating units such as floodgates, trash rack etc.

 Model MQ gantry crane can be divided into two kinds: unidirectional crane and bidirectional crane. The unidirectional hoist is fixed on the gantry frame. The Gantry runs along the track on the dam. And its service zone is a line, which can only be used to lift a gate of the same row, while the double direction gantry crane is with a trolley running perpendicular to the crane traveling. Thus, the double direction gantry crane can lift the floodgate or trash racks of different rows of upstream side and the downstream side.



 Features of Dam Floodgate Gantry Crane: 

1. Steel plate or box-type girder, electric driving motor of lifting mechanism, gear reducing hoist;

2. The operating mechanism of the crane is driven by the motor, and the closed operating room is mounted on the frame;

3. Running buffer device and windproof rail clamp are equipped under the gantry leg;

4. The spreader moves up and down along the gate slot or around the hinge of the gate;

5. The opening and closing of the gate in the movable water is related to the size of the load and the water hydrodynamic pressure;

6. For large span gate, it needs double lifting points and keep synchronization;

7. Large Lifting capacity, low speed, low work level, generally not more than 4 m / min, only for some quick gate, it can reach 10-14 m / min;



Dam crane hoist/crane can be mainly divided into two kinds according to their different structures.

1. Fixed type hoist: winding type, rack type, chain type, screw type and hydraulic type;

2. Mobile type hoist: gantry type, semi-gantry type, bridge and trolley type;