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Slab Clamp Crane for Continuous Casting Workshop

Slab clamp crane (Model YB) is a special equipment for handling slabs, especially for high-temperature slabs. It is mainly used for carrying high-temperature slabs in a continuous casting billet to steel billet storage, for handling room temperature slab at a heating furnace or product storage for stacking, loading and unloading operations.

This slab crane is able to lift slab or billet with the thickness more than 150mm, and slab temperature can be above 650 ℃.


Features of YB Type Slab Clamp Crane:

1. Lifting stator regulation, frequency conversion operation, smooth lifting operation, small impact;

2. Main electrical is placed inside the main beam and equipped with industrial chillers to ensure a good working environment and temperature;

3. Overall processing of structural parts to ensure the installation accuracy.