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Multifunction Crane for Electrolytic Aluminum

Electrolytic multifunctional cranes are auxiliary equipment for large-scale pre-baked anodic aluminum electrolytic production. Multifunction Crane for Electrolytic Aluminum can meet the environmental requirements and process requirements of high temperature molten salt, high current, strong magnetic field, dusty working site, and complete the process of prebaked anode aluminum operating.

Multifunctional Crane for Electrolytic Aluminum is composed of feeding mechanism, slagging mechanism, the anode replace mechanism, shelling mechanism and aluminium discharging mechanism.
Electrolytic aluminum overhead crane is a large process equipment for pre-baked aluminum electrolysis, which is mainly used to complete the following task:

1. Shell: Open the electrolyte crust;

2. Replace the anode: pull out the residual pole, put on a new anode;

3. Slag: pull out the residual pole, remove blocks in the molten aluminum;

4. Feeding: add alumina powder and covering material to the groove;

5. Lifting: lifting bus frame.