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Overhead Crane for Metallurgy

Product Name: Overhead Crane for Metallurgy
Capacity: 100/32t, 320/80t
Span: 19.5-28.5m
Lifting Height: 20/22m, 28/32m

Overhead crane for metallurgy is a hot-selling product series manufactured by Weihua. It is mainly used for lifting ladles, steel pipes, steel plates, coils, beam steel, steel craps, etc. in the field of metallurgy. The sling can be hook, grab, electromagnetic spreader, clamp, etc.


Features of Weihua Metallurgy Overhead Crane:

1. Main lifting mechanism of Weihua metallurgy overhead crane is with fast speed to meet the requirement of efficient production. Speed regulating can be carried out by stator pressure regulation and motor frequency conversion.

2. Anti-sway system for steady and smooth operation.

3. Accurate positioning, fully automatic, CNC control.

4. European standard, FEM/DIN.

5. Safe and reliable, reasonable structure, economical, long service life and convenient to maintain, etc.


Selectable Options:

1. Speed regulating ways for each mechanism;

2. Overload limiter and temperature display;

3. PLC programmed controller and malfunction detection, displaying and recording;

4. Anti-interference protection for cranes working in a same field;


Safety Protection:

1. Main lifting mechanism is with 4 independent rope-reeving systems;

2. Double brake for balance beam to prevent wire-rope accident;

3. Emergency stop switch on main lifting mechanism;

4. Overload protection and anti-derailment protection;

5. Over speed monitoring for main lifting mechanism;

6. Limit switch.