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Intelligent Steel-Pipe Distribution Overhead Crane

Product Name: Intelligent Steel-Pipe Distribution Overhead Crane
Capacity: 16/16t
Span: 26.5m
Lifting Height: 7m

This overhead crane is mainly used to distribute steel-pipes in production line before the steel-pipes being sawed. The intelligent crane can transport steel pipes from one roller table to any appointed places, thus realize intelligent steel-pipe distribution. 


Features of Intelligent Steel Pipe Distribution Crane:
1. Position signal is input from the encoder to PLC achieving automatic precise positioning. The PLC calculates the speed, and V-shaped structured wire-rope for anti-sway to reduce swing amplitude and increase the production efficiency and safety of the crane.

2. This crane adopts redundant design scheme. The lifting mechanism, trolley traveling mechanism and electric parts have backups system that increases its reliability.

3. Anti-sway and automatic precise positioning system to accomplish full-automatic, quick and intelligent transport and distribution of steel pipes. 



Technical Specifications
Lifting Capacity t 16+16
Span m 26.5
Lifting Height m 7
Work Duty   A7
Speed Lifting m/min 1.2~12
Crane Traveling 6.2~62
Trolley Traveling 20.6
Power KW 315
Max Wheel Load KN 295
Recommand Track QU100
Power Supply 3 Phase A.C.50Hz 380V