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Three-in-One Motor for Crane

Three-in-one motor combines motor, reducer and brake into one machine, which is mainly used for Euro type overhead cranes and gantry cranes. Weihua provides the dedicated three in one cranes for cranes with features of parallel output with motor shaft, compact structure, big transmission torque, smooth work, low noise, and long life, etc.


Features of Three-in-One Motor for Cranes:

1. Small gear impact and less noise.

2. Output shaft with carburizing quenching, big bearing capacity.

3. Covering plate with high rigidity alloy casting, more solid and secure.

4. Reducer adopts German electromagnetic brake technology with stable performance.

5. Small starting current, big torque, gentle starting and brake; small impact, low noise, smooth running speed; it can be frequently started with high work duty and long service life.