Execellence in Standard and Quality



1. Application scope: Electric hoist on cranes

2. Electric hoist pulley is simply constituted by some fixed pulleys and movable pulleys.

3. Electric hoist pulley is widely used in cranes, winches and elevators.

4. Its functional principles could be summarized like this: when the number of wire-rope strands is odd, the rope end should be fixed on the movable pulley, and when the number is even, the rope ends should be fixed on the fixed pulley; when the number is even, should reduce one fixed pulley; when the pulling direction is opposite to the moving direction of weights, should add one fixed pulley.

5. For light and medium duty overhead crane, its pulley could be cast by gray cast iron HT15-33 and ductile iron QT-10; for heavy duty overhead crane, the material could be cast steel ZG25 or ZG35; and for big-diameter (D>800mm) pulley, it could be welded by carbon steel Q235-A.