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Unloading System of Car Dumper

Product Name: Unloading System of Car Dumper

Capacity: 110t, 2*110t, 2*100t

Single car dumper and double-car doumper

As a kind of automatic, high-efficient and large-scale unloading equipment, the unloading system of car dumper can be used for unloading coals, ores, chemical raw materials and other bulk materials which are loaded on the railway trucks, therefore, which has been widely applied to the port wharf, iron and steel enterprises, thermal power plants, etc. In general, the unloading system of car dumper is composed of car dumper and the related auxiliary equipment (such as, car puller, car pusher, traverser, wheel gripper, stopping device, etc.). 

According to the dumping truck quantity of car dumper at a time, it is divided into: Single-vehicle, dual-vehicle, three-vehicle and four-vehicle dumper.

According to the system configuration mode, it is divided into: Drive-through type and turn-back type. 

The turn-back system is mainly composed of: 1. Railway truck  2. Car puller  3. car dumper  4. traverser  5. Car pusher



Performance Features:

1. The overturned cast rotor applies the three girders and end ring flange connection mode, therefore, it has high structural strengthen and stable performance. What's more, it can allocate the rotor's gravity center reasonably to make the power consumption become small when the different vehicles are dumped.

2. Considering that the car dumper applies the hydraulic delay unloading and car pulling mode, meanwhile, the system is equipped with pressure locking function and unloading circuit, the car dumper can ensure that vehicle overrun will not happen in the dumping process, what's more, which can also get rid of the force which is exerted on the roof side rail of vehicle by the vehicle steering rack spring after materials unloading, as a result, the vehicles will be protected effectively;

3. The car dumper system provides the manual and automatic operation to realize the automatic control along the line, therefore, it has simple operation, and high reliability and automation degree.

4. The car dumper is entirely assembly in the factory, the upper arm of car puller is also assembled and subject to the trail run in the factory, meanwhile, the single driving parts also suffer from trail run in the factory, as a result, the equipment will be transported from the factory and installed & debugged on the construction site with the high quality.