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Chain Bucket Car Unloader

Product Name: Chain Bucket Car Unloader

Capacity: 400t/h

Span: 5.4m, 5m

As a kind of unloading and stacking unloader equipment which is used for the bulk materials on the railway, the chain bucket car unloader is mainly applied to the car unloading in the thermal power plants, factories and mines and port railway lines. The chain bucket car unloader shall stretch across the railway wagon to apply chain bucket to take the coal and adopt the tape conveyor to transmit the materials. Therefore, it is unnecessary to open the car door with high working efficiency and favorable economic benefits; It can unload coals beyond the truck for several meters.

It is good for continuous unloading; Due to the stable traveling speed and transport capacity, it is convenient to cooperate with other machineries to accomplish the stacking task just one time. The chain bucket car unloader is composed of engine body, bucket hoisting device, winch, tape conveyor, traveling mechanism, etc.