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Scraper-type Circular Stockyard Reclaimer

Product Name: Scraper-type Circular Stockyard Reclaimer

Stack Capacity: 500~800t/h, 1500~3000t/h

Reclaim Capacity: 40~200t/h, 1200~1500t/h

Scraper-type circular stockyard reclaimer is a pre-equalization equipment that adopt continuous synthetic stacking and whole section materials methods to reclaim and stacking. It's mostly used to stacking bulk materials such as limestone, which is useful in construction, coal, metallurgy, electricity, port industries. It’s applicable for indoor or hypaethral area where the bulk materials need to be homogenize, store, transfer. Scraper-type circular stockyard reclaimer is capable of blending material piling and blending material reclaiming simultaneously or respectively. 

Scraper-type circular stockyard reclaimer has three type: cantilever(Top pile side), gate type and bridge type.

According to operational environment, scraper-type circular stockyard reclaimer is divided into 2 types: Indoors and hypaethral inclined. The stockyard diameter ranges from Φ60~Φ120meters.

Scraper-type circular stockyard reclaimer has good equalization effect, large stockyard capacity, small occupy area, highly-automatic and good environmental protection performance features.