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Gate-type Scrapper Reclaimer

Product Name: Gate-type Scrapper Reclaimer

Capacity: 450-1,500t/h

Particle Size: 0-300mm

As a kind of large-scale blending process equipment, the gate-type scrapper reclaimer can be used in the indoor or outdoor operation. At present, it has been widely used in the coal, coal chemical industry, iron mine, electricity and other industries.

The gate-type scrapper reclaimer includes full-portal and semi-portal reclaimers, therein, the full-portal scrapper reclaimer shall cooperate with the side stacker. Equipped with the retaining wall, the semi-portal scrapper reclaimer shall cooperate with the overhead stacker.

The unsupported length of gate-type scrapper reclaimer shall be 25m-65m on the track. Therefore, the track distance will be adjusted according to the actual conditions of the stockyard. The scraper reclaiming system can apply the single-scrapper or the dual-scrapper reclaiming system.

It has the following advantages, such as, favorable homogenization effect, large stockyard storage, small occupation area and high automation degree. Given this, the scrapper reclaimer can realize the unmanned operation and the integration between machinery, electricity and liquid.