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Bridge Bucket-wheel Reclaimer

Product Name: Bridge-type Bucket-wheel Reclaimer

Capacity: 300t/h, 2500t/h

Particle Size: 0-300mm

The bridge-type bucket-wheel reclaimer is suitable for the stock yards in the iron & steel and industries because it can satisfy the mixing reclaiming operation requirements of coal, ore concentrate, ore fines and other bulk materials. The bridge-type blending reclaimer includes bridge-type bucket-wheel reclaimer, bridge-type scrapper reclaimer and bridge-type roller reclaimer.


1. It can save investments with low energy consumption, low operation costs and high production efficiency.

2. It has rational structure and favorable stability.

3. The bridge-type mixing reclaimer has good mixing effect, large reclaiming capacity, high production efficiency and strong materials adaptability.

4. It has simple operation, safety and reliability, therefore, it is easy to realize the automation.