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Street Washing Truck

Product Name: Street Washing Truck
Weight: 15,800kg ~ 18,000kg
High Pressure Pump: 10MPa
Tank Volume: 7500L ~ 8600L

This washing truck has 2 independent washing system:highpressurewashingandlow pressure washing. Thevicemotordriveshigh press washing system,whilethelow pressure washingsystemisdrivenbytruck chassis motor. With different nozzles,high pressure water is fitted on the front of the truck for washing and spraying roads,whilelow pressure water is equippedattherareoftruck for sprinkling water.

There is voice alarm system which can accurately broadcast a variety of security tips and failures. Water tank is with a low water level sensor alarm system, which automatically cut off the pump to prevent water damage to the pump in case of no water, effectively improve the pump life. Low-pressure water pump is China well-known brands of self-priming two-stage centrifugal pump with high efficiency, and high pressure water pump adopts internationally renowned brands.

User can choose a variety of special operating device, which effectively improve vehicle utilization. Electrical hydraulic system components using well-known brands with stable and reliable performance and long service life. This truck also equipped with optional auxiliary for firefighting and green irrigation.