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Street Sweeping and Washing Truck

Product Name: Steet Sweeping and Washing Truck
Sweep Width: 3.25m ~ 3.5m
Water Tank Volume: 4,800L ~ 9,000L
Garbage Tank Volume: 3,000L ~ 7,000L

A street sweeping and washing truckisatruck mounted road cleaning machine for sweeping and water washing of the street in an urban area.


1. Comprehensive sweeping and washing of city roads, with different operation modes to meet job requirements.

2. High and low pressure cleaning, with road cleaning, high pressure cleaning, curb stone washing, garbage collection, sewage recovery, road side stone cleaning, etc.

3. Universal shaft connection between engine and the fan, automatic electrical control clutch, improving the engine life.

4. Hydraulic motor drive turntable rotation, with 3 speeds, automatic reset and obstacle avoidance, etc.

5. Advanced high-pressure water control system, when the high-pressure pump start and work valve switch, the pump can automatically unload, without shutting down the auxiliary engine.

6. Alarming for the low water level, sewage overflow water level, litter drop and other self-locking protection function to prevent damage to the pump.

7. Voice alarm device can accurately broadcast a variety of safety tips and failures; all actions are controlled by PLC intelligent one-button operation.