Execellence in Standard and Quality


Compressed Garbage Truck

Product Name: Compressed Garbage Truck
Weight: 7,300kg, 15,800kg, 25,000kg
Drum/Tank Volume: 7.2L, 13.6L, 17L

1. Structuralpartsmadeofhigh quality steel plate, the arc design carriage is beautiful with excellent performance.

2. The operation control box is installed in the driver room and the rear of the vehicle, thus the operator can control the charging of garbage, compression at the rear of the vehicle, and control the lifting and discharge of garbage in the driver room. 

3. Hydraulic system adopts electronic control and hydraulic control, with joint control of electricity, gas and liquid.

4. The electrical control system is carried out by the PLC programming control, it can realize automatic control of engine output power during the waste compression, and automatically select the acceleration and idle state to avoid vehicle power loss.

5. The filler is with lifting cylinder self-locking function, there are emergency stop buttons at the rear of the filler, which can make garbage crushing device stop in any position.

6. Safe and reliable.

7. Good adaptability to meet customer needs, the user can choose different drums according to different needs: standard garbage drum (300L), plastic trash drum (240L, 660L, 1100L), small bucket (800L ), Sealed cover garbage bucket (1400L), large garbage bucket (3350L) and so on.