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Street Sweeping Truck

Product Name: Street Sweeping Truck
Weight: 7,300kg ~ 18,000kg
Trash Volume: 5,000L ~ 6,500L

Street sweeping truck is employed to sweep city streets and collect rubbish on the road. The sweeping disc is fitted on the middle of truck chassis and there are suction nozzles in the rear of the vehicle.


Features of Street Sweeping Truck:

1. Comprehension of full sweep, left sweep and right sweep, the sweeping disc/turntable can automatically avoid obstacles, can adapt to different cleaning requirements of different road surface.

2. There are low water level alarm, deputy engine water temperature alarm, hydraulic oil leakage alarm and back car alarm, etc. which can accurately broadcast a variety of security tips and failures.

3. Centralized control of electrical liquid, the driver can complete a variety of action in the driver room, and the room is equipped with the original air conditioning, to make a comfortable working environment.

4. Universal shaft connection between the engine and the fan, electrical automatic control clutch, can effectively improve the engine life.

5. Lifting of the trash is respectively controlled by the main and auxiliary engine alone or at the same time, can be also controlled by hand pump, convenient maintenance.