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Tile Making Crane Truck

This tile making crane truck is for the color steel tile making and transport on the roof of steel structure workshops or other buildings. This crane is composed of truck, crane part and color steel tile making part.


Features of Steel Steel Making Crane Truck Machine:

1. Mobile roofing tile making machine is mainly used for forming and conveying roofing of steel structure workshops;

2. Combine of steel tile transport and making.

3. Hydraulic drive, simple structure, easy maintenance.

4. Max. thickness of steel tile: 1mm. And length is flexible.

5. Light weight.

6. Fast and efficient, adaptable;

7. New way for roof panels production.

8. The machine consists of lifting system, chassis, tile making machine and an electro-hydraulic control system;

9. Roof panel supply from ground, high-altitude molding, convenient transfer of the construction sites;

10. 360 degree rotation of chassis, large working range and strong flexibility;

11. The lifting system consists of luffing mechanism, telescopic mechanism and balancing mechanism;

12. The system has obtained 3 national patents;

13. The control system adopts double pump station hydraulic technology, which is stable, safe and reliable;

14. High-quality hydraulic components with reasonable layout, and convenient maintenance;

15. The electrical system adopts PLC control, equipped with long balancing legs, remote control and panel dual-mode operation for convenient and safe operation;

16. Max. luffing: 70°

17. Max. lift height: 16.5m

18. It adapts to any slope of the plant, multi-model tile machines can be interchange;

19. Intelligent control, precise tile making;

20. Low construction cost and high efficiency;

21. Leading the development of roofing and color steel tile high-altitude construction industry.


Weihua mobile roof panel machine has 3 advantages:

1. Automatic glue injection system improves the waterproof performance by 60%;

2. Guangzhou Automobile Hino traction vehicle with strong power, stable operation;

3. Whole vehicle are energy efficient and improve construction efficiency.