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Automated Parking Robot

Product Name: Automated Parking Robot | Car Parking Carriage for APS
Handling Time: 25sbr> Lift Weight: 2.5tbr>

The automated parking robot carries out car handling by the comb-toothed structure, which abandons the traditional plate parking mode. By testing of different cars, the comb-toothed automated parking robot has more advantages, and is one of the most advanced intelligent automobile handling tools for parking garage in China.

This robot is suitable for roadway stacking garage, plane moving parking system, circular loop parking tower, vertical movement parking system and other types of garages.



1. This product has short access time and high running efficiency with single handling time less than 25s.

2. Rated lifting weight more than 2.5t, covering more than 95% model cars and SUV, safe and reliable.

3. Parking is highly automated, providing core technical equipment for the application and development of large-scale and intelligent parking systems.