Execellence in Standard and Quality


Automated Double Layer Parking System


1. Imported parts, safe and reliable;

2. Separation design of upper and lower parking, floor 1 for SUV, floor 2 for car smart parking;

3. Door is opened automatically within 2s, and the average car picking time is <90s;

4. Flexible layout, good environmental adaptability;

5. It provides unmanned service, with touch screen to enter license plate number to park or pick a car, convenient and fast;

6. Independent entrance, convenient access to the car, and ensure the safety of users;

7. Reasonable use of the original parking space, to achieve multiple storage capacity.


Parking Steps:

1. Stop the car on the platform, get off the car, scan card to confirm stop the car;

2. Carriage machine to handle the car on the lower layer;

3. Carriage machine to lift your car to upper layer;

4. Carriage machine to move your car horizontally to available parking place.




Installation Environment:

1. Common places such as parking lot, vacant lots;

2. Over the road;

3. On the greenbelt area;

4. Over the river;

5. Narrow space.