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Grab Dredgers

Product Name: Grab Dredgers

Grab dredgers are used for dredging work in waterways,harbor pools and underwater infrastructure works. It is suitable for dredging mining mud, gravel, pebbles and cohesive soil, but not suitable for dredging fine sand.

Cross Digging:

The grab dredger is suitable for the cross digging. 5 anchor cables shall be arranged and length of the main anchor cable and tail anchor cable shall be 200m to 300m. Edge anchor cable should be set aside about 100m.

 Downstream-Countercurrent Digging:

It prefers downstream digging compared with countercurrent digging. Countercurrent digging also can be adopted in case of low water flow rate or reciprocating water flows.


Grab volume: 18m3

Dredging depth: 50m in water, 10m above water

Grab dredger arm length: 30m

Working radius: 15-23.5m


Features of Grab Dredgers:

1. Visual Simulation;

2. Underwater visualization work;

3. GPS positioning, precise dredging control;

4. Consistent excavation depth;

5. Flat dig control to ensure the accuracy of 15cm flat dig.