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MQ Portal Crane

Product Name: MQ Portal Crane
Lifting Weight: 5-80t
Above Rail: 12-40m
Below Rail: 9-16m

MQ portal crane is widely used in ports, stations, and storage yards, which can efficiently carry out operation of load, unload and transship to speed up the turnaround of ships and vehicles. Advantages of port portal crane: good performance, beautiful exterior, efficient work, compact structure, running balanced, comfortable operation, safe&reliable, convenient for maintenance. Port portal crane can be used at limited space in ports to load and unload cargo on ships, and leave considerable room for vehicles to pass through, especially applies to universal ports.


Features of Weihua Portal Crane:

1. Sling can be grab and hook, good adaptability, wide application;

2. Optimized four-bar linkage mechanism, precise luffing;

3. 360° slewing, wide working scope;

4. PLC control, AC frequency speed control, stable and reliable running;

5. Remote control are available according to the requirement;

6. Adequate protection devices, communication and lighting system.


Single-Arm portal Crane:

Single arm portal crane is mainly used in small and medium-sized port to load and unload bulk material. Light weight and small wheel pressure benefit to reduce investment and create considerable gains. It adopts rack amplitude or wire-rope amplitude (block and tackle) to accomplish variable amplitudes with load, horizontal displacement, and rotating or lifting in any degree. Cooperation of amplitudes makes the crane work smoothly and efficiently. Hooks and grabs can be equipped with it.


Four-Bar Combination Portal Crane:

This kind portal crane is a mobile, full-revolving, and four-bar combined crane. Its arms and counter-weight are balanced. There are 2 types of portal frame: cylinder and four outriggers. This portal carne is for lifting containers with hooks or grabs. 

Advantages: long arms, suitable for bigger ship, beautiful exterior, safe and reliable, durable advanced performance, convenient for maintenance. It's the best choice for comprehensive multi-typed cargo ports.