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Container Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

Product Name: Container Rail Mounted Gantry Crane
Lifting capacity: 400t, 100t, 130t, 100+100t
Span: 18~36m
Container dimensions: 20', 40’, 45’


Features of Weihua Rail Mounted Gantry Crane for Container Handling:

1. U-type frame, double cantilever with rod, strong, light weight.

2. Large gantry span and width, continent container loading and unloading

3. 360° rotating spreader with excellent adaptability and efficiency.

4. Long Traveling Mechanism Assembly

5. Frame/Gantry Assembly

6. Trolley Assembly

7. Electrical Control System

8. All digital frequency conversion and PCL control technology

9. High Precision Sensor Data Acquisition Technology

10. Industrial computer data analysis and processing system

Rail-type container gantry crane is mainly consists of the steel structure, lifting mechanism, micro-transfer mechanism, spreader anti-sway system, crane travelling mechanism, container spreaders, electrical equipment, and other necessary auxiliary equipments. 

The container rail mounted gantry crane adopts frequency conversion, PLC control system and CMMS fault detection system. Main standard reference: GB/T19683-2005, JT/T566-2004, and ISO standard of International Standardization Organization, European FEM, Japan JIS standard.


Features of Container Rail-Mounted Gantry Crane:

1. This crane can be used in inland terminals, container yard, rail freight station, coastal freight yard and frontier wharf.

2. Adopt dedicated container spreaders which can handle 20 feet, 40 feet and 45 feet containers.

3. Electrical drive system is full digital AC frequency conversion, PLC control speeding, CMS intelligent monitoring and management system, the running state real-time monitoring equipment.

4. The upper trolley can rotate 270 degree for easy load and unload.

5. Three-in-one reducer is adopted for long travel and cross travel, easy maintenance.

6. Safety protection: Anti-breaking shaft, wind warning, anti-tipping, etc.


Depending on the constitution of main girder, outriggers and anti-sway device, container rail mounted gantry crane can be divided into different types.

1. Double cantilever gantry crane has big room between its outriggers for containers to pass through. Usually opening widely at upper parts to form a shape of U and combining with the girder forming a shape of N.

2. Non-cantilever crane has a simple structure because of containers do not need to pass through the room between its outriggers.


Compared with ship-to-shore gantry crane, the trolley of Rail Mounted Gantry Crane travels at a lower speed and usually equipped without anti-sway stabilizer, while it will be equipped with anti-sway device if users need it for reducing operation stress and improving production efficiency. For rope type lifting mechanism, increasing the rope damp is a usual way to accomplish stabilization. And for rigid type lifting mechanism, its own rigid components are available to accomplish stabilization.