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Double Girder Semi-Gantry Crane

Product Name: Double Girder Semi-Gantry Crane
Lifting capacity: 5~200t
Span: 18~36m
Lifting height: 10~33m

Gantry crane is a special kind of overhead crane. This double girder semi-gantry crane only has one side support leg, while the other side is mostly supported by walls of workshop/warehouse. 

The double girder semi-gantry crane is mainly applied to lift and convey stuff outdoors. The A type supporting legs under the main girder runs directly on the ground track.


Girder Structure

1. Truss girder:

The truss girder is welded of angle steel or I type steel with the advantage of low cost, light weight, better wind resistance, but because of more welding point, large deflection, small stiffness, lower reliability, the truss type gantry crane is suitable for the fields with lower safety requirements and smaller lifting weight.

2. Box girder:

The box structure is welded of steel plate with features of high security, big stiffness, which is generally applied to the operation of large tonnage stuff, while the box girder has the shortcomings of high cost, big self weight, and poor wind resistance.

3. Box double girder:

Double girder semi-gantry crane have the features of big lifting capacity, big span, good overall stability, various types, but the self-weight is larger than the other single girder gantry crane with the same lifting capacity.


Safety Protection:

1. Overload limiter;

2. Polyurethane rubber buffer, long service life and impact resistance;

3. Crane travelling limit switch;

4. Loss pressure protection, fault phase protection;

5. Emergency stop system;

6. Lifting height limiter;