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Sewage Suction Truck

Product Name: Sewage Suction Truck
Weight: 7,360kg, 8,275kg, 12,495kg
Tank Volume: 4m3, 5m3, 8m3

Sewage suction truck is mounted with a tank and suction equipmentforsuckingswage such as sludge,feces in the septic tank or other thick liquids sewages.

1. Tank is made of durable high quality steel plate, and there are anti-corrosion anti-rust paint coated inside the tank.

2. Tank is equipped with anti-overflow valve to prevent overflow of large suction of the vacuum pump. The four-way valve can change the direction of pumping and emissions operations.

3. Suction power system is driven the gear box.

4. The tank adopts hydraulic and mechanical seals, safe and reliable.

5. Simple operation, convenient and reliable.